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What does a lipid specialist do?

A board certified lipidologist can:

  • Assess your blood, using sophisticated, state-of-the-art laboratory tests such as nuclear magnetic resonance blood scanning, inflammatory risk analysis, apolipoprotein levels, genetic markers and other cutting edge tests to evaluate your risk of developing atherosclerosis, heart disease or cerebrovascular disease.

  • Treat your cholesterol problems in a personalized fashion to target your specific proper lipid profile and achieve the proper cholesterol balance.

  • Assess to see if family members should be tested for inherited cholesterol disorders.

  • Provide access to specialized therapies such as LDL- apheresis and newer agents such as PCSK9 Inhibitors (Praluent and Repatha), ApoB antisense agents (Kynamro) and MTP inhibitors (Juxtapid) .

  • Offer information and access to the latest and appropriate research studies.

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