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  • General Information

    Q. Where is The Kroll Medical Group located?

    A. The Kroll Medical Group is conveniently located at 25 Kilmer Plaza, Morganville, NJ  07751 Please visit the “Directions” area of this website for detailed map information.

    Q. What are The Kroll Medical Group office hours?

    A. Office hours are Monday through Friday by appointment. For your added convenience, our physicians and physician’s assistant have at least one day of early morning hours and/or evening hours. We do not offer weekend office appointments.

    Q. Do you treat adolescents?

    A. Our practice is devoted to treatments of adults. We  will treat patients starting at age 18.

    Q. What is Dr. Kroll's Concierge Option?

    A.  Dr. Kroll offers a concierge level of service offered to patients for an additional charge.  As many of the high quality doctors in our area have swiched to an “all-or-none” level of concierge medical care, Dr. Kroll is offering a hybrid level of service to select patients.  
    Concierge patients, amongst other benefits, are offered:

    ·         Same day appointments only with Dr. Kroll.

    ·         Dr. Kroll’s cell phone, home phone and email.

    ·         Close contact and coordination of your care by Dr. Kroll with your other physicians. 

    ·         An annual comprehensive appointment and any additional appointments that the patients requires. 

    ·         Fees waived for completed forms, physician statements and record transfers.

    ·         Personal attendance and coverage by Dr. Kroll at Centrastate if you admitted. 

    Q. Can I email my doctor?

    A. For HEALSA patients only, this is part of the additional access provided.

    Q. What is your policy for Emergency Appointments and Same Day Sick Appointments?

    A. We will do our best to accommodate you for such appointments.  Often times our physicians are completely booked and you will be added to our Physician Assistant, Jason Messinger's schedule.  Jason is a competent, well trained and very experienced clinician.  If he feels that that your care requires the attention of a physician, he will interrupt Dr. Kroll   ​ to assist in your care on that day.  

    Q. Can I have my blood work done in The Kroll Medical Group Offices?

    A.  Everest Medical Laboratory is an independent clinical laboratory that provides a phlebotomist and has a drawing station located in the building.  This is provided as a convenience to our patients.    Everest Medical Laboratory is not affiliated or financially connected with The Kroll Medical Group.  Many  insurance companies require you to have your blood work done at Quest, Labcorp or some other clinical laboratory with whom the insurance company has contracted.  For some specialized lipid, cholesterol, cancer screening and genetic tests that are not offered by the larger commercial laboratories, our office will draw and send out these tests for you.   

    Additional Fees

    Q. Is there a fee to complete patient letters and forms?

    A. A fee of $25 will be charged for the completion of basic letters and forms such as school, annual physical and immunization forms.  A fee of $250 will be charged for Attending Physician Statement, Disability Forms or any legal forms.  Please note that these fees are your responsibility and cannot be billed to your insurance company. 

    Q. How do I get the required prescription or documentation in order to have my over the counter medications (OTC) covered by my FSA plan?

    A. The IRS is now requiring people to get prescriptions/documentation for the OTC medication they purchase if they want the expense to be reimbursable by their FSA dollars. Our policy is to provide these OTC prescriptions electronically, free of charge, as we do for prescription medications. If you require a note or a letter as documentation in addition to the electronic prescription, there is a $50 administrative charge.

    Q. Does The Kroll Medical Group take Workmens Compensation Cases, Motor Vehicle Cases or Disability Cases?

    A. No, these cases are not covered by your insurance company.  Any office visits for these services and any forms that need to be completed will be charged directly to the patients and payment will be required on the day of service.  


    Q. What hospitals is The Kroll Medical Group affiliated with?

    A. Dr. Kroll is on staff at Centrastate Medical Center in Freehold, NJ.  We have coverage relationships with excellent doctors at Raritan Bay Medical Center, Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, St. Peters Medical Center, Monmouth Medical Center and Jersey Shore Medical Center.


    Q. How can I make an appointment?

    A. If you are an existing patient, you can request an appointment online at New patients must call our office during business hours to make an appointment.

    Q. How can I cancel my appointment?

    A. You can cancel your appointment by calling our office or, if you made your appointment via our website, you can cancel it via the website. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the appointment will be subject to a cancellation charge. Please note that insurance carriers do not reimburse for missed appointments. Please reference our financial policy for a list of cancellations charges.

    Annual Exam/"Physicals"

    Q. What should I expect during my Annual Exam?

    A. An annual exam is a once-a-year visit to your primary care provider for a general health check. It generally lasts from 30 to 45 minutes. During this appointment you can expect your physician to review the following:

    • General physical exam (including blood work)

    • Update of family health history (any new serious illnesses in your family?)

    • Review of your health history

    • Update of current medications, herbs, and supplements

    • Need for medication refills

    • Evaluation of need for health screening tests based on age and personal and family history (such as mammogram, test for sexually transmitted diseases, and colon cancer screening)

    • Update on immunizations

    • Schedule follow-up visit to discuss new health concerns or address chronic health issues.

    • Please note:  An Annual Exam does not substitute for routine medical care for patients with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease, lipid/cholesterol problems.  Additional management of these conditions at the time of an annual wellness exam/”physical” will be subject to additional charges. 

    Q. Do I need to do anything in preparation for my Annual Physical?

    A. When scheduling your appointment for an annual physical, the office staff will inform you if you will need to fast prior to your visit. Generally it is our physicians’ policy that you obtain your blood work at least 2 weeks prior to your Annual Physical so that the blood work is ready on the day of your appointment.  If your blood work is not done by you prior to your Annual Physical, you will be asked to return for an additional appointment to review these tests.  For Annual Physical blood work, you will be asked to fast for 12 hours prior to having your blood drawn. During this time, you may consume water, coffee, or tea without dairy products, sugar or sugar substitutes. Please do not apply any powders, lotions or oils on your chest, wrist or ankles on the day of your annual physical. 

    Q. Does my insurance cover an Annual Exam?

    A. While most insurance companies cover one annual exam a year, it is important that you check with your insurance carrier to review your specific policy. Please note that Medicare does not cover routine annual exams. You may choose to pay for routine physicals and tests out-of-pocket or by using a flexible health spending plan that your employer may provide.

    Travel Services and Vaccines:

    Q. Does The Kroll Medical Group provide travel-related medical services?

    A. Yes. If you are planning to travel outside the United States, please schedule a “travel visit” with your our office. During this appointment, your physician will be able to provide you with the necessary vaccines and medicines as well as discuss any medical concerns you may have regarding your trip. If you know the types of vaccines you will require please inform the doctor’s assistant when you schedule the travel visit. You should allow yourself at least 2 to 4 weeks of time prior to travel as some of the vaccinations may require a series of shots over a period of time. Travel visit charges are based on complexity and range from $125.00-175.00. These charges are separate from vaccine charges and are not covered by insurance. You will be expected to pay the visit charges at the time of your travel visit. Also, please note, travel related services will not be provided at the same time as your annual physical appointment.

    Q. Does The Kroll Medical Group provide vaccinations?

    A. Yes. We provide annual flu vaccination, Zostavax (Shingles vaccinations), Pneumovax (Pneumonia) vaccination, TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) vaccination.  Please note, these vaccinations may not always be immediately available and will may need to be ordered from our supplier.


    Q. How can I get a referral?

    A. You can request a referral by phone on our specific referral phone mail-box.  Please be aware that your doctor may ask that you schedule an office visit prior to authorizing the referral. Only your physician can determine the type of referral that is best for you or if a referral is even necessary.

    When requesting a referral, please have the following information available:

    • Dr.’s first and last name

    • Specialty (Ophthalmologist, Dermatologist, Gastroenterologist, etc.)

    • Doctor’s Phone

    • Doctor’s Fax (Without a fax number, we cannot fax the referral to the Doctor’s office.)

    • Doctor’s Provider Identification number (NPI)

    • The reason for the visit/diagnosis (Routine Eye Exam, Consult, etc.)

    • The date of your scheduled appointment if you already have one.

    • Phone number where we can reach you if additional information is required.

    It is your responsibility to be familiar with your insurance plan’s requirements regarding referrals, and covered benefits. Contact your insurance representative or employee benefits office if you are unsure about these details.

    When a referral is needed, please let us know in advance. If you see a specialist without first requesting a referral, you assume financial responsibility for the service. We are unable to backdate referrals. Referrals take an average of 48 hours to process. Some authorizations such as MRI and CT Scans can take much longer depending on your insurance policy’s clinical review process. Please check the status of your referral prior to being seen by a specialist.


    Q. How can I get a refill on my medication?

    A. You can speak to your doctor’s assistant to request a refill for your medication. For your added convenience, you can also request refills via the patient portal.  Please request prescription refills during regular office hours so that we can contact your pharmacy during normal business hours. For your safety, your doctor may request an office visit prior to authorizing a prescription refill.

    For routine refills, you have the option to contact your pharmacy directly. The pharmacist will then contact our office for approval. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing the request.

    Prescriptions for controlled substances can only be picked up at our office.  We are unable to call these in to your local pharmacy.  It is our policy to not issue any controlled substance prescriptions without an physician or physician assistant appointment.  

    Q.  What if I need pre-authoriation for a prescription?

    A.  It is not our policy to call your insurance company or pharmacy to determine your prescription medication benefits or to obtain forms, or spend long times on the telephone seeking coverage for you medication.   It is the patients responsibility to obtain any necessary pre-authorization forms and contact their insurance company for this process. Dr. Kroll and Jason Messinger PA-C will only complete and return the forms.  

    Test Results

    Q. How do I obtain my test results?

    A. Most test results are communicated to you by one of our medical assistants.  Dr. Kroll or Jason Messinger PA-C  may have you make an appointment to discuss your results in person.


    Q. Who can I contact if I have a question with my bill?

    A. We are committed to providing you with the best available healthcare and the finest possible billing services. Please contact our billing department at (516) 775-8600 for assistance with invoices, payments, and any other billing related matter.

    Medical Records

    Q. How can I obtain a copy of my medical records?

    A. You may request your medical records by printing and filling out an authorization allowing us to release your private health information. You must then send us the form by mail to:

    The Kroll Medical Group
    25 Kilmer Plaza
    Morganville, NJ  07751

    By law, we may not release your medical information through a request made by phone or by e-mail.

    The form must be filled out completely in order to process your request. Patients and legal offices (attorneys) obtaining medical records will be billed by NJ State Law at $1.00 per page for first 100 pages and $0.25 per page thereafter to a maximum charge of $200.00 for the entire record.  Life Insurance companies and their representatives will be billed a flat rate of $200.00. The check should be made payable to The Kroll Medical Group

    Patient Portal

    Q. What is the patient portal?

    A. The patient portal is a valuable tool created to give you 24 hour access to our office. We continue to expand our portal services on a regular basis. The portal currently offers patients the ability to:

    • Request Appointments

    • Request Refill on Prescriptions

    • Request Referrals

    • View Past Appointments

    • Update Personal Data

    Please note: the patient portal is only accessible by current patients who have been to our office. New patients must call our office to obtain access.


    The Kroll Medical Group is committed to providing the highest quality medical care and service. As we strive to constantly improve, we welcome your suggestions around how we can make your visit a better one in the future. 

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