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The Kroll Medical Group is one of the top quality independent internal medicine practices in Monmouth County.  We are committed to continuing excellent  medical care and customer service.   Dr. Kroll will continue to provide competent and compassionate medical care to patients along with Jason Messinger, our excellent physician's assistant. 

We have struggled successfully to remain independent of any hospital acquisition group such as Meridian or St. Barnabas to provide you personalized and individualized care.  One of the strengths of an internal medicine practice is the relationships they have with subspecialists which you may need.  We feel that remaining independent allows us to maintain these relationships.

You may notice many new staff members in our office as we strive to overhaul the practice to make it more user-friendly for you.

We have implemented an electronic health record system that allows you, the patient, access for a variety of your needs.  We encourage you to use this system which we feel will enhance your health care.   

Unlike other assembly - line medical practices in our area, we are committed to providing you excellent one-on-one time with our physicians and the maintenance of a traditional doctor-patient relationship.  

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The Kroll Medical Group